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Some Hard to Find Resources

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The Tax Collector
How the IRS can Collect Tax Debt

Overview of Audits


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Tax Organizer Article for 2019 Article on using tax organizers from your software or tax professionals Jan 6, 2020
Slash IRS Back Taxes The definitive book on the Internal Revenue Service's 'Offer in Compromise' program to settle back taxes for pennies on the dollar. Real examples.
IRM IRM on Prioritizing Current Taxes in an Installment Agreement
Prepare for Disaster Plan to keep your tax records safe and avoid a 2nd tragedy
Identity Theft & Security Don't be a Victim.  Some tips & caveats.
Form 433-D Installment Agreement and Consent to Direct Debit Payments
DirtyDozen the Internal Revenue Service Dirty Dozen Tax Scams List
OIC Considerations Considerations to be aware of when submitting an Offer in Compromise to the IRS. How it impacts you.
Annotating Checks How to annotate check you send to IRS and States
Pub 1 Your Rights As A Taxpayer (May 2005)
TBOR 2 Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2
Doc 7394 Overview of Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 (simplified. This is an old document.)
Bankruptcy & Tax Debt Article on bankruptcy and tax debt discharged, and what tax debt survives it.
Donated Property Values for donated property for charitable contribution deductions
Mileage Rates IRS Mileage Rates from 1990 thru 2016
Individual Filing Requirements At what income level are you required to file?
Premarital Agreements The Tax Consequences of failing to get one.
IRS Computer System Diagram of of the IRS' current computer system. Review if you are not easily shocked.

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Tax Settlment$ by Gary W Lundgren, EA


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