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Solving Your Tax Debt Nightmares




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What People Are Saying About Me

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From Colleagues and Professionals

"Gary Lundgren is the most ethical and knowledgeable tax person I've met. He takes client confidentiality seriously and insists on accuracy and completeness in every aspect of his work. IRS agents seem to appreciate interacting with Gary, probably because of his respectfulness and his wide-ranging knowledge of the Federal tax code. He has been in the tax field for a long time and has worked on both sides of the fence, so he knows all the details of what it takes to resolve his clients’ issues. It's fascinating to watch Gary work, so if you do have that opportunity, you will have a chance to see how a real professional handles tax work effectively." 
- SM

"With over three decades of experience in Tax Problem Resolution, there are no areas of Tax Resolution that Gary does not have substantial, in depth experience. Furthermore, I frequently find that not only does he have valuable guidance for almost every question that I ask, but also, many of the things he says are among the creative approaches I have ever heard."  - JD

“I was excited to work with Gary because of his reputation in the industry as an intelligent person who goes beyond the norm to get a case solved. I purchased his book to gain his insights. On top of all this, he's a pleasant person to talk to. I like him as a person and recommend him as a professional.”   - JC


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients minimize their taxes by all legal means possible, and to facilitate payment of taxes in the quickest manner possible, that is reasonably feasible for our client while maintaining our client's financial integrity.

In audits and disputes our mission is to resolve any controversies expeditiously in a manner that is legal, timely, and in the best interest of our client.

Solving Your Tax Debt Nightmares


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