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Tax Debt, Audit, Compliance and Controversy Solutions


Solving Your Tax Nightmares



We Help Clients Resolve Issues and Disputes in the Following Areas:

  • Release of Seizures/Garnishments on Wages, Bank Accounts, and Other Levies

  •  Penalty Abatements. Reduce or Eliminate Horrendous Penalties and Interest.

  • Tax Lien Releases, Subordinations, Specific Property Releases

  • Taxpayer Assistance Orders (911 when all else fails)

  • Installment Agreements.  Get time to pay.

  • Offer in Compromise.  Settle Crippling Tax Debt for Pennies on the Dollar$

  • Appeals of Audits & Collection Actions

  • Innocent Spouse/Injured Spouse Relief

  • Audits and Audit Reconsiderations

  • Tax Issue Disputes & Controversies

  • Employment Tax Issues

  • Defending Against Responsible Person Assessment in Business Tax Liabilities.  Trust Tax Issues.

  • Sales Tax Issues and When a Sales Tax Not a Trust Fund Tax

  • Tax Preparation - Current & Past Years



Representation before the IRS and/or State

I am licensed by the US Treasury (EA, Enrolled Agent) and can Represent you before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service, including the Appeals Division.  Get relief from crippling tax debt and forgiveness of horrendous penalty and interest assessments.


Tax Preparation and Consultation
I and my network of professionals can help you handle any tax or financial matter that may arise for you.  We can prepare current and prior year taxes going back as much as 10 yrs, or more.
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The Initial Consultation is Free

You have nothing to lose but your Tax Debt!


More Information About IRS/State Tax Collections

More Information About IRS/State Tax Examinations/Audits


IRS Turned Off Free Help IRS is No Longer Answering Tax Law Questions by Phone.
IRS says taxpayers should use
 "automated self-service options."

WorriedBasically Google or Bing it. The IRS' own search engine is rather poor and confusing to use. It brings up a lot of extraneous information and adds confusion.

 It's bad enough that taxpayers' have trouble understanding tax law, but now they will be subject to a lot of other interpretations from other sources. Some of which may really be off-base, self righteous, and promoting tax protest schemes. Well, the IRS answers weren't that all accurate either, but this complicates things.

You have the right to Representation!  You do not have to deal with the IRS alone, or at all!  You can be represented by an Enrolled Agent (EA), CPA, or an Attorney.

When you meet or talk with the IRS without a Representative and you feel you need help, you can request an extension to respond until you can obtain a Representative.  Generally they will give you up to 30 days.