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Tax Preparation by Licensed Professionals

  • My network of tax professionals and I, are capable of handling any tax return or tax matter that may arise for you.

  • You get thorough tax preparation and help.  You don't just give us your documents, we also dig deeper to help you discover items that can maximize your refund, or minimize what you owe.

  • You get professional help throughout the year, not just during the tax season. Making a life change, marriage, or a financial move?  Ask us about the tax consequences before you commit to it.

You want to be comfortable with your tax preparer and feel they are serving you.  If there is any uneasiness, ask questions.


You want a tax return prepared correctly.  Any mistakes can cost you dearly in penalties and interest.  Cheap tax preparation can cost you more in the long run in paying higher taxes, penalty, interest, or not getting all the benefits you are entitled to. A cut-rate fee gives you cut-rate service.


What does it cost to prepare your taxes?

In some cases you can get it done for free!  But, there may be some strings attached depending on who you use. Unfortunately we cannot make any recommendations because of the liability sometimes involved with perceived endorsements.

If you go to www.IRS.gov you can find some free resources if your taxes are very simple. Not much more than having one W-2.

Then there are the national chains. There are a couple major ones around and opinions abound as much as there are firms offering a service.

If you have more than a couple W-2's, are married, own a home, involved in business, involved in rental properties, and on . . . you probably want a tax pro who is well versed in tax law for your particular situation.  None of the tax professionals have the inside edge on all the tax angles.  You want a tax pro who recognizes their limits and will refer you to a tax pro with your best interest in mind.


Prices . . . for Federal & State Returns (Personal, Business, Partnerships, Corporations (C or S), Estates, Trusts, and Fiduciary).

$150  Single with a simple tax return and just one to three W-2's

$200 and up - if you are married and/or own a home

$300 and up - if you are involved in a business, rental property, capital gains to report, etc. . .

. . . the 'and up' depends on the complexity of your tax return. By reviewing your prior year tax return, a preparer can give you a ball park of how much the current year will cost, so long as there are no significant departures from the prior year.


Client Tax Organizer (CTO) helps you remember deductions and other tax items you may otherwise forget. Get your largest refund and don't pay any more tax than you have to. Find tax organizers here.